AMA Hall Of Fame

The Hall of Fame was established in 2007 to recognise those outstanding individuals who are role models for the sport of Masters athletics in Australia. They have either sustained outstanding performances at the highest levels as Masters athletes, or are administrators who have made an extraordinary, inspirational and dedicated personal contribution to Master athletics and its development in Australia and at an international level.                                               

AMA Hall Of Fame Criteria & Nomination Forms

2020  Bob Schickert, Royce (Roy) Foley

2019  Lynne Schickert,  Mary Thomas
2018  Lavinia Petrie, Wilma Perkins, Stanley Perkins  

2017  Andrew Jamieson

2016  Marge Allison, Lyn Ventris

2015  David Carr, Heather Carr, Heather Doherty, Wal Sheppard

2013  Peter Crombie, Jack Pennington

2010  Reg Austin, Shirley Brasher

2009  Alan Bradford, John Gilmour, Ann Cooper