World Masters Rankings

World Masters Ranking

The Official Rankings for World Masters Athletics                                                 

The official rankings for World Masters Athletics All Australian Masters Athletics members can view the entire events rankings lists, which show how their performances compare to their age group peers around the world. This has been made available at no charge to our financial members, being funded by AMA, currently until the end of 2024.

Our members can access these Masters Rankings using the email address they used when registering with their State/Territory Association, which updates their membership lists with the Rankings site usually every 3 months.

Don Quinn (who uploads the Australian meet results) and John Seto (who runs the Rankings website) put much time and effort into this feature, and a quick scroll through the Rankings site reveals how highly Australian Masters perform across the many age groups and events.

Each Masters Association aims to upload as many results as possible, but if any are missing, individual members may upload their own performances from a sanctioned event, which must include the official results website.