AMA Governance/Policies/Procedures

The management and control of the AMA is in the first instance, exercised by the Council at an Annual General Meeting. The Association’s day-to-day activities between the Annual General Meetings are administered by a Board of Management under the general direction and review of the Council.


The Council consists of the AMA President and two delegates from each State or Territory member organisation, meeting in any General Meeting, normally just the Annual General Meeting. The role of the Council is to agree on broad policy directions for the Board, to review Board recommendations and endorse where necessary Board decisions. Each member association has the same voting rights as another, regardless of size.


The Board consists of an Executive Committee of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and up to four Board members elected from nominees from AMA member clubs. The Board is responsible for the administration of the Association’s affairs. It is required to act within the Constitution and under any directions given by Council.


A completely new Constitution of Australian Masters Athletics Inc. was adopted at AGM in Melbourne in September 2016.


Australian Masters Athletics Inc. is an incorporated body under Australian Law in the Australian Capital Territory. The Public Officer is Jan Banens, residing in the ACT.


2023 Financial Statements

AMA Inc.’s financial year ends on 30th June each year, and audited accounts are circulated to Council members at the Annual General Meeting. AMA derives income from affiliation fees from member clubs, levies on competitors at AMA championship events, sponsorship, as well as interest on its accounts.

The payment of affiliation fees from member clubs is on a per capita basis of their athletes. The amount and method of payment of these affiliation fees is determined periodically by Council at an Annual General Meeting. AMA has also established a levy on competitors at AMA Championship events to provide funds required for Council travel and accommodation costs, and to enable the Association to assist States and Territories holding such events.


2022 AMA Strategic Plan