AMA 20k Road Walk Championships 2018

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“It is now just 6 weeks to the 20km Walk Championships – still time to do it comfortably. Well done to those in Victoria and WA who just did a 20km which I hope was a tester for the National 20km. And don’t forget it is a perfect hit out for those going to Malaga.

As previously mentioned the course is AIMS certified and we have the benefit of having Zoe Eastwood-Bryson as Chief Judge. Zoe was of course Chief Judge at the recent Commonwealth Games and while being a top international judge is also sympathetic to Masters Walkers and the “no advantage concept”.

To encourage some inter-state rivalry we are having a team event. Points will be awarded from 25 for the first finisher down to 1 for the 25th finisher. Highest total for up to 3 people from the same state or territory will be the winning team. Pride and bragging rights in being the top state/territory will be the main prize but a bottle of good SA wine will also go to each team member.

If this proves to be successful we might consider a perpetual 20km Walk Team trophy. The venue has change-rooms, good showers and there will be snacks to purchase for lunch afterwards.”