2019 – 2021 AMA Championship Contracts

All masters athletes wishing to compete for an AMA medal in their respective age categories must be registered members of their State or Territory Masters Clubs to enter the Championship.
The approved State, Territory or Organisation awarded the event for a Triennium shall endeavour to meet the following criteria:
• They shall run the event according to the appropriate IAAF/WMA or AMA rules or bylaws.
• All tracks, fields or courses shall be certified or otherwise shown to be IAAF approved.
• An annual budget should be prepared showing the expected number of masters entrants, income from AMA participants and provision for covering the cost of medals and the AMA fee and how this may vary annually.
• The event is appropriately advertised to AMA participants showing entry costs. An accommodation guide may be included.
• A report shall be submitted to the AMA Board within 4 weeks, showing the number of masters entrants and the income and expenditure related to masters participation etc.
• For these Championships the organisers may use and pay for the official AMA medal.

For its part the AMA shall ensure:
• The event is advertised on its web-site and in the various State and Territory magazines and web-sites.
• Where appropriate, AMA shall endeavour to provide assistance with officials and helpers and to be available to present medals to the AMA participants.

AMA Multi–Event Championships
These Championships are for the decathlon and heptathlon. They are conducted over two days on a weekend.
Bendigo will host these Championship events for 2019 – 2021

AMA Marathon Championship
The event was awarded to the Gold Coast Events organization for the triennium 2019 – 2021. The event is conducted as part of the Gold Coast Marathon.

AMA Half-Marathon Championship
The Half-Marathon is now a postal event  –  click here for details

AMA 20 km Road Walk Championship
SAMA will host the 20 km Road walk Championship for the triennium 2019-2021.

AMA Winter Throws Championships
These Championships cover the full range of throwing events plus a Throws pentathlon and a Heavy Weight pentathlon.
The Championships have been awarded to NSW Masters Athletic Club for the triennium 2019-2021. These Championships will be held in Wollongong.
Typical program:
Saturday: Hammer, discus, shot, javelin, weight
Sunday: Throws pentathlon, BBQ dinner
Monday: Heavy weight pentathlon, 56 lb weight, 100 lb weight